Systematic study of Xanthochroina (Coleoptera: Oedemeridae), with particular references to its disjunct distributional pattern. Spec. Bull. Japan. Col. Soc., 1 : 227-240.

Koji Mizota (2001)

The genus Xanthochroina Ganglbauer, is revised. Anancosessinia tarsalis Kono, is rereferable to the genus, and monotypical Anancosessinia Kono, is synonymized with Xanthochroina. X. auberti Abeille de Perrin, the type species of the genus, is redescribed in detail for comparison with X. tarsalis. A key is provided for the three known species of the genus, X. auberti from northern Mediterranean region, X. tarsalis, comb. nov., from East Asia, and X. bicolor LeConte from North America. The forming processes of the disjunct pattern of distribution are discussed.